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The ligaments that support the tibia and fibula bones of the leg when injured lead to high ankle sprain. Caused due to a sprain, this condition can be quite distressing since it hinders movement and disrupts daily routine… Well, whatever be the cause of such an injury, the symptoms can be quite distressing. Applying an ice pack on the swollen area for fifteen to twenty minutes could also help reduce the swelling and pain. If the ligaments are affected by a first degree sprain, one may recover within 2-6 weeks. Some of the main and common causes are explained here: enema: This is a condition of bad circulation in the body which leads to accumulation of fluid under the skin. Knowing how to treat this condition proves to be useful, so that the condition… Know how to treat ankle pain with the help of a few self care measures. Either way, there are goes to be specific treatments that will apply to your condition, and this is a problem that will soon be cured.

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